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Men at work



Collaboration with the Customer to develop common solutions that fully satisfy the expectations of both parties.


Our mission is to meet the demands of our Customers thanks to our ability to closely interact with designers, suppliers, specialist companies and other companies, led by our experience, reliability and our ability and desire for innovation.

Our strengths are our constant search for innovative and interesting solutions for our Customers, our deep-rooted experience in Swiss territory, the recent and creative international expansion and, not least, the strength of the entire Pizzarotti Group.

Our company is specially committed to the training of our staff. Training our managers at the national and international level and constant development of the company's know-how is a strategic element for meeting the demands of our Customers.

Pizzarotti SA actively supports gender equality in the workplace and supports part-time work for mothers through appropriate measures. We are also a company that trains apprentices, and a member of the major associations in the Ticino Canton and Switzerland:


SSIC (Swiss Society of Construction Companies) Ticino Section

SSIC Grisons Section

Grisons Canton Chamber of Commerce

INFRA (Swiss Association of Infrastructure Specialist Companies)*

ASB Ticino Section (Swiss Association of Blasting Specialists)
CC-TI (Ticino Canton Chamber of Commerce)
FGU (Fachgruppe Untertagbau der SIA).


*) With delegate


The technical management is a member of SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects).



We have a comprehensive goal, consistent with the policy that our organisation has decided to pursue..


Quality: our achievements are reached thanks to the commitment of everyone working within our organisation and for the company. We pursue the continuous improvement of our organisation and the reduction of costs that do not support quality.

Health and safety in the workplace and environmental responsibility: we consider these an essential part of our duties and the results achieved by pursuing injury prevention and the reduction of risks an integral part of the company's results.

We believe that quality, workplace health and safety, and protection of the environment are achieved by those who do the work, not by monitoring alone.



Development of professional competence, experience, adapting to the role, improvement of cross-collaborations.



Honesty, fairness, integrity, transparency, impartiality, confidentiality as well as respect and protection of the environment, and workplace health and safety are the values that should characterise the company and are indispensable for achieving its economic, productive and social goals.

Our company recognizes the centrality of human resources as the key to the success of every business activity, in a climate of fairness and mutual trust between the employer and the employee.