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The high professionalism achieved by Pizzarotti SA in the construction industry was again awarded by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) on the occasion of the confirmation of the certification which took place in late June 2015.


The internal organisation and management procedures of the company are based on strict Quality, Safety and Environmental Systems subject to annual audits and reviews every three years.


SQS certification ensures compliance of the services offered by Pizzarotti SA with ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality), ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Safety).

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Talento - Valore femminile ai vertici aziendali

Pizzarotti SA adheres to the TALENTO project, directed by SIC (Società Impiegati Commercio) Ticino and financed by the Federal Office for Equality between Men and Women, which aims at promoting equal opportunities between male and female workers, promoting the rise of the latter to top positions in medium and small companies. In a reality, like Italian Switzerland, still too often characterized by the presence of the so-called "glass ceiling".

Società svizzera impresari costruttori sezione Ticino

Together with the best cantonal companies in the sector, we participate in the Swiss Manufacturers' Association both for the Ticino Section and the Grisons Section. In addition to representing and safeguarding the technical, economic and ideal interests of the category at a national and local level, the Company is the owner of the SSIC Professional Training Centre, designed to "recruit" young people of school age and improve construction professionals.

Infra Suisse

Together with 250 other Swiss companies, Pizzarotti SA is a member of Infra Suisse, a cooperative organization that groups companies operating in the building and infrastructure construction sector. The trade organisation has always represented the interests of the trade and strives to ensure that all affiliated companies can benefit from continuous training, in line with the increasingly high standards imposed by current regulations.

Creiamo professionisti - azienda formatrice

Pizzarotti SA has been awarded with the stamp Aziende Formatrici - Creiamo Professionisti. Introduced in 1997 in French-speaking Switzerland only, and extended on a national basis in 2004, this sticker attests to and rewards the company's commitment to provide staff with continuous staff.