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Collaboration with customers aims at developing common solutions that fully meet the expectations of both parties.


The main mission of Pizzarotti SA, as of all the companies of the Group, is the full satisfaction of the Customer, with whom we always establish a relationship of mutual trust, before delivering the finished work.

The attention paid to technological research, the constant updating of human resources and the development of company know-hows make us a state-of-the-art company in the field, allowing us to respond to the numerous requests with accuracy and quality.

At the same time, the Company takes care to ensure an optimal environment and excellent working conditions for workers, designers, suppliers and for all professional figures who collaborate with it. In particular, through the definition and compliance with high safety and health standards. We also promote the effective implementation of gender equality, also by implementing initiatives aimed at mother-workers, like an easy access to part-time contracts and flexible work modules.


Environmental protection is another of the cornerstones of our philosophy: we have been committed for years to reducing the environmental impact of our work through the adoption of processes, strategies and machinery aimed at saving energy and optimizing resources.

Pizzarotti SA actively supports equality between men and women in the workplace and facilitates part-time work for mothers with accompanying measures. It is also a training company for apprentices and is a member of the main trade associations in Ticino and Switzerland, in particular: the certification by SQS (Swiss Quality and Management Systems Association) attests the compliance of the company’s work with Quality (ISO 9001:2015), Environmental (ISO 14001:2015) and Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001:2007) standards.

Finally, every relationship of Pizzarotti SA with its customers, employees and collaborators is based on the values of honesty, transparency, reliability, versatility and excellence!



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We have a comprehensive goal, consistent with the policy that our organisation has decided to pursue..


Quality: our achievements are reached thanks to the commitment of everyone working within our organisation and for the company. We pursue the continuous improvement of our organisation and the reduction of costs that do not support quality.

Health and safety in the workplace and environmental responsibility: we consider these an essential part of our duties and the results achieved by pursuing injury prevention and the reduction of risks an integral part of the company's results.

We believe that quality, workplace health and safety, and protection of the environment are achieved by those who do the work, not by monitoring alone.



Development of professional competence, experience, adapting to the role, improvement of cross-collaborations.



Honesty, fairness, integrity, transparency, impartiality, confidentiality as well as respect and protection of the environment, and workplace health and safety are the values that should characterise the company and are indispensable for achieving its economic, productive and social goals.

Our company recognizes the centrality of human resources as the key to the success of every business activity, in a climate of fairness and mutual trust between the employer and the employee.


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The company understands that a good reputation earned by the systematic application of ethical principles encourages investment by shareholders, attracts the best human resources, fosters relations with its trading, business and financial partners, reinforces its reliability in the eyes of creditors and ensures peaceful relations with its employees and suppliers; conversely unethical conduct compromises relationships of trust and can arouse hostility towards the company. The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to define the ethical obligations and responsibilities which the company, its directors, managers, employees and associates are required to fulfil by their conduct when carrying out their activities; hence it provides a profile of the company’s standards of ethics.


The Code of Ethics is applicable to all of the company’s directors, employees and associates, without exception, and all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relationships or contacts with the company and work to pursue the related objectives as contractors, suppliers or providers of services. They therefore have the obligation to be familiar with the standards of the Code of Ethics and to adhere to the principles and standards of behaviour specified therein, in this way governing daily conduct, while respecting religious, cultural and social differences. The rules contained in this Code of Ethics incorporate the behaviour which employees and associates are obliged to observe in compliance also with the normal standards of diligence with which workers are required to comply, governed by the applicable regulations and contracts on the matter of working relations.


In no case may the pursuit of the company’s interests justify conduct that conflicts with current legislation or the rules of this Code. In each business relationship, all the parties must be informed about the existence and the contents of this Code of Ethics and are contractually obliged respect them. To this end, when dealing with third parties, all recipients of this Code, by virtue of their positions, will be responsible to: - inform them fully about the duties and obligations imposed by the Code; - require compliance with the obligations that directly relate to their activity; - adopt appropriate internal and external initiatives in the event of non-compliance. This Code of Ethics is valid in all the geographical and operational contexts in which the company operates.