PIZZAROTTI SA makes the Technical Sales Office - Prefabricated Components Division operational

We take this opportunity to inform you about the recent establishment of a Technical Sales Office for PIZZAROTTI SA PREFABRICATED COMPONENTS DIVISION at our headquarters in Bellinzona.

Pizzarotti SA Prefabricated components division, with the Pizzarotti group factories, will target the Canton of Ticino, Swiss, and national industrial, logistics and services construction sectors, and also offer prefabricated components for infrastructure including bridge beams, tunnel segments; components for railway equipment, and road and railway sound barriers.

The organisation of our technical sales division was entrusted to Mr. Andrea Dagostino, a professional architect with extensive experience in the renowned prefabrication culture of northern Italy, having worked a numerous construction projects. These include some of the biggest within the Canton of Ticino in recent years, and particularly the recent construction of an important and well-known international logistics building located in Sopraceneri.