1st June 2016: opening of the Gotthard base tunnel

With its two tubes, each 57 kilometres long, the Gotthard base tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in the world and is the centrepiece of the New Transalpine railway link.
On 1st June 2016, 17 years after the first blast in the main bore, it will be officially inaugurated.

For its construction, the Pizzarotti company fulfilled the following tranches:
- TRANCHE 360: construction of two tunnels of about 6.3 km long and a vertical shaft of about 840 m in Sedrun
- TRANCHE 451: construction of the inclined shaft at Faido for access to the base tunnel
- TRANCHE 553: excavation through loose material of 820 m of twin-tube tunnel in the Bodio section.
The total value of the services provided is over CHF 1.65 billion.
The Pizzarotti group is grateful to AlpTransit for their confidence in our workers, technicians and the management of the group.
We wish the entire population of Switzerland and the many tourists who will use this infrastructure a pleasant journey through the heart of the Alps.