SWITZERLAND - Furka base tunnel. Renovation and extension of the tunnel vault

Contract signed on: 05/12/2017

Group Companies: Pizzarotti SA

Location of the works: Switzerland - Canton of Valais / Canton of Uri

Purpose of the contract: Renovation and extension of the tunnel vault to the required lighting profile

Customer: Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, Brig (Canton of Valais)

Amount awarded (excluding VAT): CHF 15'739'325.95

Project description:

The following principal activities are planned for the tunnel repair and renovation:

In the areas of wet spots, water penetration and dripping points, the mountain water is collected directly at the entry point and fed to the drain pipe (cutting operations)

Voids in the existing cladding (sprayed mortar, shotcrete)

Concreting operations for recesses, walls, retaining walls, vault

The renovation work on the vault takes place during the night shifts. After each night shift, the tunnel is released for rail traffic.

For the execution of difficult tasks, work trains are planned with special machines and all necessary pieces of equipment. Special attention was paid in the project preparation phase to employ modern technology, in order to master the difficult night operations.